Grinning Scottish Leprechaun
Artist: Dave Mackie (Mackie85)

Bob Sellers JR
Chief Cook -- Pit Master -- KCBS Judge
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Anyone can put the heat to meat but only a few can bar-b-cue...

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Kilted Swine BBQ -- Pictures

Chicken Thighs
Smoked Cupcake Chicken Thighs by TheGeorgianChef at

07-01-2015 Brinkmann

06-25-2015 Brinkmann

06-10-2015 Brinkmann

05-31-2015 Charbroil Kettle

05-22-2015 Brinkmann

06-28-2014 Charbroil Kettle

06-22-2014 Charbroil Kettle

06-08-2014 Charbroil Kettle