Grinning Scottish Leprechaun
Artist: Dave Mackie (Mackie85)

Bob Sellers JR
Chief Cook -- Pit Master -- KCBS Judge
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Anyone can put the heat to meat but only a few can bar-b-cue...

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Kilted Swine BBQ -- Competition Team Members:

    Bob Sellers JR
  • Chief Cook
  • Pit Master
  • KCBS Judge
  • Mixologist
  • Sherpa
  • Somewhat familiar with step and fetching
  • Nap Specialist
  • Owns a kilt and knows how to wear it
  • Known to clown around and play with balloons

    Wendy Sellers
  • Cook's Mate
  • Good-Luck Charm
  • Food-Tester/Judge
  • Mascot
  • Prefers Shaded Workplace
  • Organization/Planning Specialist
  • Will work for beer and/or wine or both

    Allison Sellers
  • Cook's Arborist
  • Good-Luck Charm
  • Food-Tester/Critic
  • Roadie/Minion
  • Unnatural ability to attract law-enforcement

    Taylor Sellers
  • Cook's Artist
  • Good-Luck Charm
  • Food-Tester/Critic
  • Roadie/Minion
  • Will work for ice-cream and/or Mountain-Dew