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Artist: Dave Mackie (Mackie85)

Bob Sellers JR
Chief Cook -- Pit Master -- KCBS Judge
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Anyone can put the heat to meat but only a few can bar-b-cue...

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Kilted Swine BBQ -- Tips

Fire Safety

    Fire Extinguishers
  • How many do you own
  • How fast can you get to them
  • Did you pack them for competition
  • Emergency shutdown plan for grill(s)/smoker(s)
    Fire/Heat Protection
  • Where do you dispose of your burned ash
  • Heat protection: Aprons, Gloves, Boots, Pants, etc.
  • Grease spill protection beneath smoker
  • Proximity to anything that may be flammable


    Food Handling
  • Gloves
  • Platters/Plates/Cutting-Board(s)
  • Knives/silver-ware/plastic-ware
  • Thermometer(s)
  • Plan for keeping food warm after cooking
  • Where to prep -- home or on-site.
  • Sauce prep/storage
  • How/Where to keep food cold (ice, cooler, etc.)
  • Antibacterial/bleach cleaning spray
  • Antivacterial hand soap
  • Garbage can and bags
  • Where/how to dispose of garbage
  • Where/how to dispose of cooking liquids
  • Storage and transport options
  • Portable tables/chair(s)
  • Water-(cooking-drinking)/Snacks/Food-(Breakfast-Lunch)
  • Sun/heat protection (hats/aprons/gloves/shelter/fans)
  • What time is set-up
  • What time is serving/turn-in time
  • How long for each item at what temp
  • When to foil/mist/pull

Know Your Smokers and Grills

  • Check gas level/charcoal supply
  • Wood for smoking
  • Soak wood at least 30 mins. prior to cook
  • Clean cooking surfaces
  • Secondary grills/smokers
  • Thermometers
  • Clean cooking surfaces
  • Storage and transport options
  • Ash/liquid/trash disposal options